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Design that captivates, innovates and simplifies.

Customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your business

My Services

User Experience

I develop solutions thinking about the entire user interaction process, here we will deal with behavior, emotions, beliefs, perceptions in order to make the experience within your application as friendly, simple and natural as possible.


User Interface

The objective is to create a clean, simple interface that anticipates the user's needs and makes it easier for them to access and interact with your application, software, website or product.

Why do companies look for me?

Criativity and innovation

I seek innovative and creative ideas for problems

Efficiency and Productivity

Uncomplicated project management

Knowledge and Expertise

Valuable insights

Agility in deliveries

100% on-time deliveries


You are welcome to explore some of my projects and case studies.
For contractual reasons, I cannot share all of my work at this time. 😉



real case



Case study



Real case - Coming soon

Want an amazing user experience?
Count on me to make your projects memorable.

Who am I?

I'm Eliane Félix, UX/UI Designer, from São Paulo and I LOVE Cats! 😻

My journey started with a degree in Marketing, but I discovered my true passion for UX/UI Design.

I invested in my training through specialized courses such as UX Unicórnio and UI Boost and 4 years ago I made the transition to this area.

My approach to UX design is user-centered, prioritizing simplicity and functionality.

I am a fan of a minimalist style, seeking to create clean and intuitive interfaces that provide a fluid and pleasant experience for the user.

I am constantly seeking creative challenges and strive to improve my skills and knowledge, always looking for innovative and effective solutions.


Years of experience


More than 40 projects


Projects in 4 countries


I am completely available to exchange ideas and dive into exciting projects!
Let's work together to create something extraordinary, full of creativity and passion.

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